Freez Officially Added To The Soul Tools ENT Roster!!

Its official!! Freez is now riding with Soul Tools ENT as a solo artist..  His debut album "Freez' Frozen French Freys" entirely produced by Mike Frey will be released under this label in the 1st quarter of 2014!!! WAG!  For more info on Soul Tools ENT check out their website by clicking here: http://soultools.com/


Tufawon makes City Pages 10 Best Twin Cities Rap Albums of 2013

Tufawon makes City Pages 10 Best Twin Cities Rap Albums of 2013 ! Shout outs to Jack Spencer! 

Tufawon - Schwag 

 Mavin MC of Illuminous 3 took on the identity of Tufawon, a grimy scrapper dedicated to living the high life on a shoestring budget, for his latest EP, and it sums up the Minneapolis rap lifestyle perfectly. Atop self-produced beats that elucidate the grit of our hero, Tufawon details his days piecing together enough dollars to smoke low-grade weed and sleep with single mothers, but the message is ultimately one of making do and staying positive in otherwise tough times. Listeners will definitely be able to identify with the daily scrape and impoverished good times, and the physical album even comes wrapped in a plastic baggie with a Tufawon-branded lighter and weed jar. Full of hard bass and heady hooks, Schwag is a great example of the innovations Illuminous 3 have been putting forward since the beginning. -Jack Spencer


Franz Diego - "Retrograde" album for streaming and download


Franz Diego to release "Retrograde" December 2nd 2013

Franz Diego will be releasing a 10 song project entitled "Retrograde" Monday December 2nd at Honey in NE Minneapolis with all production on the album done by MC Harv.

Retrograde Sampler:

Here are a few words from Franz about how the project came to be:

"Initially, Retrograde was going to be a 5-6 song EP written during a couple Mercury retrogrades over 2 tracked looped beats made by MC Harv and released immediately online, DIY basement style.  However, MC Harv had also been working on a rap album over his own production and approached me at the end of September to see if I could have the project finished and ready to go by the end of November to join him in his release party and do a dual release.  I agreed and thought it was a good idea to push me to get something out while we attend to some technical difficulties with the full length album I have been working on with Enron Hubbard. But once I brought the songs and the extra stuff I had been playing around with to Jess Listen who had agreed to do a simple and quick recording of the project, he saw where I was going and really liked it and helped pull out of me a few more songs and some awesome mixing and effects that really make this project something more unique. The project was made during Mercury retrogrades to capture the weirdness that I feel and experience during those times."

MC Harv will also be releasing and performing his project "Harvey Dent Volume 2" the same a night and the DJ for the evening will be Frankobaj who is also Harv's brother.