Tufawon Vape Remix by Slamborghini

Check out this Tufawon Vape Remix by the one and only Slamborghini!


Turnt Up Rap Dance Party 4 Year Anniversary at Honey in NE Minneapolis!

For 4 years, Franz Diego and his crew of DJs Noam The Drummer, Gabe Garcia & Willie Shu have been turning out one of the wildest and hardest rap dance partys in the upper Midwest.  Come celebrate with them on June 13th at Honey and wag out!

Illuminous 3 @ Triple Rock 6/27

Check out the first Illuminous 3 performance in over a year! They'll be rocking the Sean Anonymous and DJ Snuggles "Weight" video premier.


Check out Tufawon at the Icehouse June 19th performing in a collaborative night of music and art. This event is apart of the US Cuba Artist Exchange project and features performers and artists from different parts of Cuba. Come get down!
Check out Tufawon at the Icehouse June 19th performing in a collaborative night of music and art. This event is apart of the US Cuba Artist Exchange project and features performers and artists from different parts of Cuba. Come get down!


NEW RELEASE: Franz Diego - Equinox EP

Minneapolis MC Franz Diego releases his latest project entitled "Equinox," a 5 song EP he made with all production done by Xanja an up and coming electronic producer from St. Paul.  In the same efforts as Franz's last album released "Retrograde," wherein all songs were made and recorded during different ongoing planetary retrogrades; Equinox was written and recorded during this year's and last year's Spring Equinoxes.  The project in turn, covers concepts of transcendence, rebirth and the ending and beginning of new life cycles.


1. Neo-Archaic
2. Purple City Pioneer (PCP)
3. New Era
4. We Feel
5. Zebra Party

All beats produced by Xanja
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jess Listen
Vocals and lyrics by Franz Diego
Artwork by JDecker


Tufawon makes it in Gimme Noise Beat Tape May

Tufawon has been quite busy as of late. This is the second time this week he made it into the City Pages. Check out one of his instrumental tracks he produced on the City Pages' Eight Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 5 
Check out the write-up by Jack Spencer!

Mavin MC of Illuminous 3 rebranded himself as Tufawon for last year's Schwag, which he also produced in full, showcasing his skills on the mic and behind the boards. Combining a boom-bap sensibility with synth-based trap leanings, a Tufawon beat maintains his MC persona's grittiness but branches out into numerous directions from there. He's in the midst of a number of new projects, from a full-length Tufawon album to a collaborative effort with the USA Cuba Artist Exchange, which will expand on the sound he's shown off so far.


Tufawon featured in City Pages Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos

As you all know, Tufawon went out to Cuba and shot a music video for the song "Quiero Volar" that also features Yrak Saenz(Havana Cuba), I Self Devine, and Mo aka the Magician(Havana Cuba). The video is shot and directed by Paul Irmiter and Dane Whitehead. Well, the music video has been getting a lot of good press behind it. Check out this write up in the City Pages Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week! And don't forget to back their Kickstarter!

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Tufawon, I Self Devine, and Yrak Saenz - "Quiero Volar"

Illuminous 3's Tufawon recently flew to Cuba with I Self Devine as part of the US Cuba Artist Exchange. Their travels and adventures while down there will comprise part of the forthcoming documentary, Closer Than You Think. And, in addition to that worthwhile project, the two MC's also got together with Cuban hip-hop musicians, Yrak Saenz and Mo aka the Magician, and they recorded a track together, "Quiero Volar," and made a video for it before they had to come back to the States. The clip gives you a look at the streets of Cuba, as well as the flavor of their music scene, which blends well with the Twin Cities flow of Tufawon and Chaka. They forged some lasting friendships with the people they met in Cuba, who will be coming to Minnesota in June to continue to foster that creative partnership.
-Erik Thompson


Tufawon Schwag Remix by Techno Bismol

Check out this new remix of Tufawon's track "Schwag" by Techno Bismol


Tufawon releases music video shot in Cuba

As apart of an artist exchange program, Rafael Gonzalez aka Tufawon flew to Cuba with Mariesa Ryan(founder of US Cuba Artist Exchange), community organizer and emcee Chaka Mkali aka I Self Devine, and two videographers Paul Irmater and Dane Whitehead. The purpose of this trip wasn't to vacate. In fact, American tourism is restricted in Cuba. The true purpose was to work on collaborative and artistic projects with five Cuban artists through the US Cuba Artist Exchange, and to film half of the documentary "Closer Than You Think | The Cuban Artist Project" directed by Paul Irmater. Throughout their trip, the crew filmed interviews with all of the artists, recorded music, filmed a music video, played gigs, and painted a mural in Cienfuegos Cuba. The project made it into publications and even the national Cuban morning news. Although they were presented with challenges, the crew overcame them through strategy and a passion for artistic expression. The crew built long lasting relationships with their new Cuban friends who will be flying to Minnesota in June to work on more collaborative art projects, and to finish shooting the second half of the documentary. In the meantime, they are promoting their Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the documentary. Please visit the page, and become a contributor!


Check out the music video Tufawon is featured in "Quiero Volar". It was shot in Havana Cuba and it also features Yrak Saenz(Cuba), I Self Devine, and Mo aka the Magician(Cuba)

Yrak Saenz(Havana Cuba), Tufawon, I Self Devine at Jose Fuster's house in Fusterlandia hanging out.
In the hood after a successful day of studio recording and shooting the music video.
Working on a mural in Cienfuegos Cuba
The Minnesota/Cuba crew putting finishing touches on the Cienfuegos Mural.
Strategic planning with the Minnesota/Cuba crew.
I Self Devine and Tufawon in Cuba